Looking for some fun and unique ways to show off your love of cats? Check out these 10 DIY cat wall art ideas!

1. Cat Silhouettes – Cut out simple silhouettes of cats from black construction paper and arrange them on your wall in a playful pattern.

2. Painted Cats – Get creative with a paintbrush and turn a blank wall into a work of art featuring your favorite feline friends. If you don’t know how to to that, buy a cat painting instead.

3. Cat Collage – Gather up all those cute cat photos you’ve been collecting and create a one-of-a-kind collage. Frame it for an extra special touch!

4. Cat Quote Art – Choose your favorite cat quote and write it out on a piece of pretty paper or canvas. Frame it up or hang it as is for some purr-fect inspiration.

5. String Art Cats – This trendy wall art project is easier than it looks, and you can make it as simple or elaborate as you like. Just string some yarn or thread between nails to create the outline of a cat, then fill in the rest however you’d like!

6. Stenciled Cats – Use stencils to add some stylish felines to your walls in any color scheme you desire. This is an easy way to achieve a professional look without too much hassle.

7. Decoupaged Cats – Modge podge is your friend when it comes to decoupaging pictures of cats onto just about anything…including walls! Give it a try for an easy and inexpensive wall art.

8. Washi Tape Cats– If you’re looking for something temporary (or maybe even kid-friendly), washi tape is the way to go! Create any design you want using this colorful tape, then simply peel it away when you’re ready for something new.

9. Painted Wooden Planks– This project takes a bit more time, but the results are definitely worth it! Paint wooden planks with colorful stripes, then add on black silhouette cats for an adorable farmhouse-style look.

10. Fabric Wall Hanging– Have some extra fabric lying around? Put it to good use with this pretty fabric wall hanging tutorial featuring—you guessed it—cats!

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