Abstract canvas art is very popular today especially since they match perfect with modern building and furniture styles.

Abstract art add color and lose brushstrokes to show artist’s emotions and feelings. Freedom of expression characterizes more abstract art nowadays. In the past, artists struggled with painting something mainstream and paintings that they really wanted to creat. And finally they gave in to creat what they want to paint.

Abstract art was born amidst heavy criticism from their compatriots. In the 19th to the early 20th century artists used untraditional art techniques that applied strong paint colors and very lose brushstrokes. Some of the colors they applied did not express realistic tones on their subjects.

The compositions were cubist or distorted. Pablo Picasso was the master of cubism art. Matisse followed Paul Cezanne in his pursuit of fauvism. Dali created his special surrealism style. Abstract artists now have applied art techniques that these artists used a century ago. Comparing with the initial abstract artists, abstract painting now is more accepted by people. Back then, Picasso, Matisse, Modigliani and other artists had to face criticism from critics.

People shunned their work and considered them strange. Nowadays, canvas wall art have become more creative by adding mixed media in the artwork. Abstract canvas art now have evolved into 3 D artworks with the use of other materials,  such as metal,  sand, wood or semi precious stones.

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