In 2006’s  Jiade Autumn Auction, oil painting and sculptures deals reach 115 million RMB, remains the same with Spring Auction? Both Chinese oil paintings and sculptures did pretty good based on the amount of deal. The latter is 5% more than the former in success rate. According to Liugang, the art director of Jiade Oil Painting department, Chinese oil paintings are generally on the way of more sensible development. Based on the group of buyers, these two shows didn’t separate obviously, collectors are more broad. Important artworks always draw collectors’ attention.

For example Jin Shangyi’s Tajik girl dealed at 3.85 million, Wu Dayu’s no title dealed at 1.92 million etc. “China Modern Art 2 Decades” reach the expection, and was acknowledged by the art market. Xiaolu’s “Conversation” is regarded as the most influential artwork of combine equipment and behavior in the history of China Modern Art.

It is also one of the most remarkable artwork in China art history. Drawing lots of attention of buyers and collectors and finally make a deal at 2.31 million which shows the powerful influence of this kind of artwork.

In addition, the early recognized artworks like Tiananmen by Zhang Xiaogang, “Concrete North Pole No.25” all made good deals. Meanwhile, new emerging artists with sophisticated skills had great success as well. In recent years, China modern art become hot topic of art research, collecting and art market. Especially since this year, more and more modern artworks appear in the market.

Is modern canvas art market in risk or becoming strong? According to specialists, Jiade show was basically designed by the angel and track of art, and broken the concept of  selling hot artworks. Therefore, it is not surprise to have such a good result. Reminding from specialists, blinding positive or commenting unreasonable are not the attitude we should have.

According to Liugangs’ analysis, China Modern Art have been through two decades since 1985 trendy art.  Artists have created so many colorful, personalized and vivid artworks by their years of hard work, creativity and observation to social culture.

Today, under the background of globalization of culture, China modern art has growing up from learning and now have global art view and becoming reputable in the world market. In the other side, academic canvas paintings need more time to be accepted broadly, but these artworks are happen to be the most potential. In the river of art market, great artworks always can stand the multi test of time, history and market, said by Liugang.

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