It is really a creative idea to display canvas art sets in your room. It can give a new life to your home décor. Most people these days love to use multi-piece wall art to display in their living room or bedroom because it leads a unique impression and looks trendy. But the trouble is that people find it little difficult to manage space to hang those artworks accurately. It is important to be careful about all measurements; wall size, frame styles, picture size and symmetry as well.

Those who are finding it little difficult to decorate the big wall of the living room with canvas art sets are advised to follow the tips below. Whether it is a big collection of frames, 5 piece wall art canvas, or 3 piece canvas art; these expert tips will help you to create the best impression with your décor.

Go for linear touch:

One of the most basic ideas about decorating a big wall with canvas art sets is to choose linear placement as it can easily cover the whole wall with a perfect balance and symmetry. However, this idea is good only if you have all frames of the same size and they are following a certain specific pattern. The linear artwork often follows the horizontal flow. If you have a set of 5 frames with equal dimensions and the wall has enough width to accommodate them all linearly then you can go ahead with this pattern.

Create a grid:

You can also hang pictures in a grid form by simply creating a series of rows and columns. But again, same as linear style, here also you need same sized images. However, this style can be used to accommodate any big number of images to cover the whole wall in an attractive manner. You can manage the space well as per the number of frames and adjust their height and width accordingly.

Clustered configuration:

For a set of 5 canvas art frames, the clustered configuration is also suitable and the best news for homeowners is that it works well with variable size frames also. Even the asymmetrical clusters can also create a perfect balance in your space. The clustered approach can be also resized as per your own choice depending upon a number of art pieces you have for the area. The only thumb rule for the clustered style artwork is that you should maintain proper spacing between different frames otherwise it may lead a messy appearance.

Creative shelves:

If you have shelves in your room then they can also add a special touch to your canvas art. Simply fill those shelves with all creative frames to create an impressive look. You can choose images of variable size to lead an eye-catching impression in the area. But note that, this style suits more if you have lengthy selves that allow easy stacking of art pieces. Also, it offers an easy way to realign the artwork as per need to create a different look in the room.



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