It is not easy to decorate home, it can be time-consuming. However, you can make the task of decorating simple by handling one room at a time.

It is recommended to start from living room as it is the first room that visitors see. If you organize your decorating in advance, as a matter of fact, you can finish decorating and rearranging a whole living room in half a day instead of handling it for a few days.

Make a plan 7 days before and buy all necessary things during this period. It is much easier to purchase things online rather than visisting stores one by one. You can surf for items you like, such as canvas wall art and decor accents on your free time.

Buy them via the internet and ask for a weekend delivery date, for example,  on a Saturday morning, in this way, you can begin handling your living room after lunch and complete it before dinner the same day.

Buy large wall art online instead of going to art galleries. Have your oil paintings arrived the same day as your other new items. Apart from purchasing new decorations, you can do a living room make-over by just rearrange your furniture.

Make a plan where you are going to hang your large wall art and check if your accent wall will need a new coad of paint.

Paint a small area if necessary, it is not wise to repaint all the walls in your living room.

Making plans in advance can allow you to redecorate your living room in a short time so that you can have more time to appreciate your living room’s new look.

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