Do you know how to decorate a room with white wall? It just like painting on a blank canvas. You can be very creative with some imagination. Many people like to paint over white walls with different color. But if you are just renting an apartment and don’t have the right to repaint the walls with another color, then you can bring some colors to the room by hanging colorful cheap wall art.

The advantage of moving into a new place is that you can decorate the space in any colors you like. White wall is neutral and will match with any shade. Choose a color you like and begin collecting pieces in that shade. You can use that color in your couch upholstery, decor accents, and painted furniture.

Brightly colored curtains can be also used to cover your white walls.  When purchasing your curtain fabric, prints and colors, it is important that they also match with your room’s theme. Peel off decals are also great to decorate white walls. You can add a splash of color to your walls without repainting them. You won’t have problem with your apartment manager. You get your security deposit back but still add personality to your space.

Hanging some canvas wall art is also great idea to decorate white walls. In this way, yu can bring some colors to your home. If the space is large, try some multi piece canvas art sets, such as 3 piece art or 5 piece art sets which works well with large space. The only disadvante is a tiny and barely visible hole from your hanging device or nail.

Canvas art sets in practically any color will match with white walls.

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