There are a few basic rules to remember when figuring out how much space between 2 pictures on a wall. First, you need to measure the wall from floor to ceiling. Then, you need to measure the height of each picture, and subtract 1 inch from the height. Then, you can determine the placement of your pictures.

The average distance between two pictures is about 1.5 inches, and the same goes for larger ones. But sometimes, the space between two frames on the wall looks empty, especially if they are hanging at different levels. To correct this, you can increase the distance between them. Also, if you are hanging two frames on the same wall, make sure they are hanging at equal distance from each other.

Another rule to follow is to hang pictures at eye level. Typically, the midpoint of the picture should be between 57 and 60 inches from the floor, but you can adjust this depending on the height of your walls and the size of your picture. Generally, this rule applies to most paintings and other artwork, but you may need more leeway if you have furniture against the wall or if the room has a high ceiling. If you’re having trouble determining the proper distance, don’t be afraid to consult with an expert.

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