There are so many choices out there for decorating home, sometimes we may feel confusing to choose canvas oil paintings for home.
A well choosed canvas artwork can make your home more beautiful and enhance the elegance. To achieve harmony between your general decor and your canvas wall art, it is important that your canvas art need to complement the surrounding.
The following are some tips helping you to choose right wall art.
1. It is important to choose right colors. The colors of your canvas art should match the color motif of your room and wall.  Make sure you would not get canvas art has same color as your wall.  Only in this way, can you highlight the artwork and creat contrast too.  If the colors of your canvas art is too similar to your wall color, it will be negelected.  Please remember that dark wall goes well with ligher color canvas art, and if your wall is light color, then choose some darker color wall art.
2. Before searching canvas wall art, make sure you take the measurements. Take note of your negative space which will be the empty space around your wall art.  Write down the width and height of your wall. Now visualize an ideal size for your wall art considering the rest of the things in the room. Getting too large canvas art is not a good idea if your wall do not have enough space. But if too small, it will look sttrange, so make a balance.
3. If long room, try some canvas art sets. In this way, you can cover more wall space.  You can also get canvas art sets has similar thems so as to hang in series.
4. Make sure the canvas art subjects match the theme of your home. For example, if your home is asian inspired, get some asian canvas artthat dipict asian culture. If your room is decorated with modern style, then get some modern canvas art, For a child’s room with a jungle motif, you can decorate with animal or flower canvas art.
While choosing canvas art, make sure you are choosing the one you enjoy looking at. If you like particular style canvas art which will make you feel good and enjoying everytime you look at it, then you should seriously consider decorating with it.

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