Decorating large wall can be challenging, but you can simply achieve that tough project by hanging a 5 piece wall art set.

Large wall art sets like these will demonstrate to be an simple option to cover huge bare spaces. It would be so easy, you won’t feel as if it’s so big task to complete. Wall art sets also are available in many pieces of smaller sized artworks, so it would not be needed to ask friends to help you mount it on your wall.

The weight of every panel will also be workable for one individual. You can complete it yourself even though the general effect will look like it was such a big project for one man or woman to achieve. While looking for your five piece artwork, Measure your wall first and remember the measurement of furniture close to it.

You need to build a balance between the wall art and items around it. Be sure that your furniture would not look too small beside the painting. Make sure that you could hang wall art sets several inches away from each other, so keep in mind that the 5 piece wall decor can cover more space than its overall size.

One more thing you also need to calculate apart from the width of your wall and the height. Some art panels are long and narrow, although some others are squarish and high. As you will probably be hanging a 5 piece wall art or oil painting, you may also need more nails to hang each art panel.

If you are simply just renting your room, you need to ask agreement from your landlord first if it will be ALL RIGHT to have a lot of holes on the wall. Many condo buildings do not permit this or will demand you a fee for “damaging” the wall.

Hanging a 5 piece wall art will be more functional than getting many pieces of different canvas wall art. At least, you understand that every artwork will go along with each other. It is also less difficult to purchase a large canvas art than to search for many paintings in various places. Having individual pieces match up can be a difficult task.

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