Dorm room usually looks lack liveness and colors.  Actually we can add some canvas wall art on the wall so as to make it more homey. A dorm is less expensive and easy to decorate as it only consists of one room.

How to Decorate Dorm Room?

The following are some tips which can make your dorm feel cozy:

  1. Have a few new cheerful looking sheets to bring some character to your bed. Make sure you get a warm one for cool nights. Get more pillows to prop you up in bed while you burn the midnight oil studying for tests.
  2. Have shelves for books and papers. Take small filing or litter bins to keep your things and school work orderly. A well dual-purpose ottoman can bring more storage space and more setas for friends.
  3. Get a clip-on study lamp with a flexible support. You may move a clip on lamp where you need it most, and even clip it on to your headboard to read in bed. Prove 2 sources of lighting, one bright one for studying and another dimmer lightf for relax.
  4. Get home furnishing into your dorm room like a comforbable chair where you can spend hours reading. Make sure you bring a couple of throw pillows for your back. Remember to make the pillows match the chair upholstery and your bed linens.
  5. Decorate your dorm room with hang a small abstract art to add some pizzazz to a bare dorm room. It is also a good idea to decorate with some cool lights.

Above decorating tips will not cost you an arm and a leg but will make your dorm room more livable and attractive.

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