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The unclothed human figure is a classic subject for nude wall art. This style of art is a long-standing tradition in Western art. It was even a preoccupation in Ancient Greek art and re-emerged during the Renaissance. Choosing a piece of nude wall art to decorate your home can be a great way to add personality to your decor.

Artists have long portrayed the female body in their paintings. Paintings like The Origin of the World, by Gustave Courbet, depict a woman with pubic hair. These paintings pushed the boundaries of what was considered presentable. Nude wall art became an important subject for artists of the Realist movement, who sought to portray women’s bodies in an intimate setting and eschew aesthetics. Several of the Impressionist artists used women in a nude pose in their works and incorporated simple forms to recall the original goddesses of fertility.

Although the concept of nude wall art has its roots in the Western tradition, there are some non-Western traditions that also influence its popularity. For example, the Hindu temple sculptures and cave paintings feature nudes. Both countries have long had a tradition of mixed communal bathing, and nude art is often associated with this tradition. It has also changed the way we think about sexuality and gender roles. Regardless of the origins of nude wall art, the aesthetic appeal of such works is bound to delight any room in your home.

About our nude painting:

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5 reviews for Blue Nude

  1. Ann Goulet (verified owner)

    Made it safely to Massachusetts.  Very well packed for shipping, thank you and thank the artist, everyone loves it!

  2. Matt (verified owner)

    Amazing quality, beautiful colors and overall incredible art. Had a great experience with CheapWallArts. I totally recommend them.

  3. Valentina (verified owner)

    Not bad, but the service does not meet my expectations.

  4. Haleigh (verified owner)

    This painting is absolutely amazing! I can almost feel the warmth of the sun emanating from the canvas, beautiful!

  5. Rae (verified owner)

    Wonderful painting..I just love it… I will be ordering more..Thanks again

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