A antique design is similar with a comfortable log cabin in the forest. It can make a enjoyable atmosphere and is a perfect setting to back home after working hard at your workplace. If you want to improve this homey ambiance in your suburban residence, you can do it by using some canvas wall art of antique furnitures.

Traditional oil paintings and antique wood made furniture can help make a rustic finish to your home in the suburbs. Allow me to share some ideas on how to create a comfortable home and make that rustic log cabin look even your home is in the center of the city.

1. Use wood made furnishings, the more aged and more worn out they look, the better. You can try to find tranditional looking wooden chairs and furniture at thrift stores and yard sales. Birch and pine wood help to make outstanding rustic furnishings. Select those that have big cosy and comfortable cushions and throw pillows.

2.  Hang some Antlers on your walls. Which can also be utilized as a part of chandeliers in your family room or living room. If you are worried about hanging genuine antlers, there are plenty of faux antlers available at home furnishing shops.

3.  Hang some traiditional style oil. It is better to get them with wooden frames. Hang a few wooden signs just like those you come across on country shops which say “Welcome to the ‘Smith’s’ Mountain Log home. ” Extend those wooden signs to your cooking area. It is also good to hang some wine canvas art in your kitchen space.

4.  Enhance your kitchen area with traditional cookware such as old copper pots and pans. Place a few big wooden spoons and antique kitchen utensils throughout the kitchen. Place a antique stove in one corner with a pile of logs close to it. Hang oil paintings in your cooking area or dining area depicting old world wine or fruits such as pears painted in impressionist style.

5. Regarding your family room, hang vintage clocks on the wall. Above the fireplace hang a few antique fishing poles or aged snow shoes. On the fireplace mantle put several Indian sculptures and vintage Indian work tools.

6.  Put a few fur or cow hide place carpets in your family room or den. Hang Indian quilts on the wall and work with gingham curtains. Coloring the walls in medium to dark tones which may provide the home a more comfortable atmosphere. Use dim lighting and do not use bright lights.

If you are going to redecorate your home with canvas wall art, welcome to check out our home decor tips, i am sure you will have many new ideas.

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