Decorating a small condo can be tough work as the space is very limited.  But if you know some tips, it could be also simple and affordable to decorate a small condo as you can use smaller furniture and need only fewer decorations for small space.

How to put things in the small space?

Make sure you get smart furniture pieces that have more than one purpose so as to buy less furniture that will occupy so much space. Canvas wall art can be great decorations since it can free up floor space.

Choosing furniture

Choose your furnishings smartly. Buy furniture which will lessen clutter yet have multi purposes. Storage ottomans can double as coffee tables and an extra seat are great pieces for small living rooms in condominium units. Storage bunk beds can be used as your kids’ bedroom. These storage bunk beds can hold wardrobe, toys and act as sleeping furniture for one or more children.

Use the corners

It is not wise to left corners watsted which can be used for storage. Have corner study desks, corner shelves and wardrobe closets. Buy vertical pieces for your corners which free up more horizontal space for other furniture such as beds and sofas.

Take good use of the walls

It’s better to hang things on walls since it will save more space for a small condo. Do not buy free standing shelves that occupy much space, hang inexpensive canvas art instead to decorate your condo, instead of decorating with things you have to place on floors or tables. Hanging some landscape canvas art that creates an illusion of more space.

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