It could be interesting to choose your favourate photo and turn it into hand painted large canvas art and hang in your home or office.

Paint My Photos is doing this kind of service now. According to Matt, the owner of Paint My Photos, he was a professional artist and doing foreign trade businss for over 10 years.

After earning some money by exporting oil painting to foreign countries,  he opened a gallery in Wushipu. In 2008, a American customer walked into the gallery and asked him if he can turn the photos he took in the beach into hand painted oil paintings. Matt didn’ t do this kind of business before, but he wanted to have a try. After a week, he sent the finished paintings to the customer in the US.

The customer is very happy with the artworks and even sent more photos of his family members and friends in the hope of turning them into oil paintings as well. After this experince, Matt decided to offer custom oil painting service. In 2009, he launched a website specialize in custom paintings from photo and have more professional artists working for him. Those artists are specialize in creating oil paintings from any photos, such as landscape photos, wedding portraits, pet portraits, house photos etc. After only 7 days, customers can get their hand painted canvas wall art. Now Paint My Photos is well-known in this field, normally they have 20 custom orders every week. I visited Matt’s company a couple of days ago.

What surprised me at the first sight when i entered the gallery is a huge village painting. Matt said it is a order from a business man who is from village and seldom go home becuase of his busy business. So he orded a painting of his hometown in order to miss his family and home.

Most of Matt’s orders come from young people, especially for wedding portraits from photo. Therefore, Matt also open an online store on taobao and invest lots of money in creating more professional chinese website.

Last month, a girl sent a black and white photo of her parents and hope can turn into hand painted canvas art. She was going to marry and found this photo when she was collecting her old stuff. She wanted to make it a coloful oil painting as a gift for her parents. Now her parents are very happy with the artwork.

Matt is planning to open more oil painting stores at home and at abroad in the hope of making his businss a famous and long lasting one.

Check out their portrait painting prices for reference.

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